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A Creative Storytelling Guide for your Brand

by | Sep 1, 2021

Humans are hardwired for stories. As a species, we evolved to tell stories and tall tales. We look for connections, and narratives in order to understand the world around us. In the digital age, we now have different tools in which we can shape our narratives in new and creative ways. Social media is a powerful instrument that gives us creative control over how others see our business or personal brand. 

Over the years, the core principles of storytelling haven’t changed.

Core Principles of Effective Storytelling

Principle 1. Humans Are Hardwired for Story

Principle 2. Everyone Has a Story

Principle 3. Everyone Can Learn to Tell His or Her Story Better

Principle 4. Everyone’s Story Will Evolve

Principle 5. Storytelling Is Every Person’s Access to Creativity

Principle 6. There Is a Reciprocal Relationship Between Listening and Telling

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