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We’ve written about products and services in a host of different industries. Whatever your business or industry, we can make it accessible to your target audience.
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With over 25 years of writing, research, and editing experience, it’s clear that we’re passionate about our craft. We’re proud to be the preferred copy and content writer for Innov8tive Brand Management, and several other creative agencies in Frederick, MD and beyond.

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Do we have professional chemistry? Let’s chat and find out! We can meet up in person or virtually. We’ll get a solid understanding of your project —scope, goals, timeline — and you’ll get a sense if we’re a match.


Sometimes, our initial chat will reveal that you’re not quite clear about the copy you need. And that’s Okay! we’ll ask you a lot of questions because no one knows more about your business than you. We want to SEE your target audience — feel them, touch them, hear them.


Once we’ve nailed it — with a punch-packing, perfected version that goes over BIG at the water cooler and social media — we’ll send you the final. Then you’ll break out the champagne…and email your friends about Good Writing Co.

Freelance Copywriting

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter? At Good Writing Co. we take the art of copywriting very seriously. We are passionate about helping your business grow through optimized, impactful, and engaging written copy. 

Copywriting is the art of selling people on an idea, brand, or ideology. The best copy fuses the products and ideology of a brand together to create brand voice. The idea is to get your customers to use your companies products or services.

For the Mad Men fans out there, this is what Don Draper and Peggy Olson did all the time at Sterling Cooper (or whatever agency they were with at the time). They weren’t selling products, but ideas and emotions that were tied to products. Copy-writing includes the following services:


  • Ads, online and off
  • Slogans and taglines
  • Web page content
  • SEO content
  • Email campaigns
  • Television or radio commercial scripts
  • Video scripts
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Sales letters
  • Direct mail letters
  • Social media

Editing Services

Great editing leads to a great manuscript!

If your project has words in it, you need an editor. Why? One of the most important things when it comes to writing and is clarity. Will the reader be able to understand the points you are trying to make? Is your message coming through loud and clear? If your work is confusing, jumbled, or difficult to read, then your message is not coming through. This is where proofreading and editing come in.

Editing is not just about grammar and spelling, it’s also about sentence structure, tone, flow, formatting, style, and more. Perhaps you are a brand new author, and you need some guidance prior to publishing your work. Editors can offer suggestions that help shape the story, setting, plot, characters, and tone of your book or novel. Some editors work as “book shepherds” who help guide folks through the self-publishing process.

When it comes to content marketing, an editor could help prevent embarrassing blunders, such as a travel agency unwittingly attracting a new clientele with an ad for “erotic” — rather than “exotic” — travel destinations. They can also help keep your company’s message in line with your brand voice.

A good editor is not out to criticize your work, they want to collaborate with you to make your writing the best it can be.

We offer:

  • Copyediting (content marketing)
  • Proofreading
  • Book editing
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Line editing
  • First draft revisions



Content Writing Services

Do you need some content writing in your life? Are you looking to hire a freelance writer with years of writing and brand voice experience?

Then you’ve come to the write (heh, I mean right) place!

Content writing is the art of creating content. It needs to either inform, educate or entertain; it needs to have a clear purpose and represent the brand’s voice. But it also needs to be a good read.

But that’s not all! Great content writing will help you bring in new customers and clients!

The best content content writing aligns with strategic business and marketing goals to attract audiences and potential customers.

Content writing includes:


  • Blog posts
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine features
  • Whitepapers
  • Email newsletters
  • e-books
  • Books
  • Print magazines
  • Social media posts

Blogging Services

How can you attract new traffic or readers to your site? You can through blogging and optimizing your site for search engines. New content is the name of the game when it comes to ranking on Google. Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh and up your search engine optimization (SEO) game. Blogging is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more prospective customers. Our blogging services:


  • Blogging and copywriting
  • Guest blog post
  • Blogs

Branding and Brand Voice

Brand voice refers to the personality and emotion infused into your company’s messaging, whether that’s on blogs, social media, print ads or any advertising medium. It encompasses everything from the words and language you use, to the personality and images your marketing assets aim to invoke.

Three things that your brand voice should include:

  1. What you stand for
  2. What you represent
  3. Why I’m doing what I’m doing


More than ever, readers want to make an emotional connection with the brands they follow or give business to. They want to read content that speaks to them — not at them, and not past them. This is where the tone of your messaging comes in. 

When it comes to written content, it can be difficult to strike the right tone.  We can help you with the following freelance services:


  • Freelance copywriter
  • Freelance writer for hire
  • Freelance content creator

Creative Storytelling

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest and most powerful tools. Well-crafted narratives can connect people, heal wounds, inspire, lead, and create change. Stories are humanity’s entry point into a different world, they have a truly transformative power that allows us to experience life in a different context.

Stories have the power to change the world in profound ways. They allow us to show the truth of who we are.

Over the years, the core principles of storytelling haven’t changed. In the digital age, we now have different tools in which we can shape our narratives in new and creative ways. Social media is a powerful instrument that gives us creative control over how others see our business or our brand. 

At Good Writing Co. we are passionate about creative storytelling in all of its forms including social media, blogs, website content, and more. Everyone has a story to tell, let us help you tell your story. Our creative storytelling connects your audience to your brand on an emotional level. 


  • Storytelling marketing
  • Business storytelling

Other Services


Copy and Content Writing That Meets All of Your Needs


What else does Good Writing Co. offer? Check out our list of other services below:


  • Copywriting for virtual summits
  • Landing page copy
  • Sales page content
  • Blogging for SEO
  • Website copywriting
  • Optimized website content
  • Tailor-made social media plans 
  • Social media management
  • SEO-focused blogs
  • Custom-created digital ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Product descriptions 
  • Physical marketing materials
  • Flyers, brochures, catalogs
  • Online marketing webpage copywriting
  • e-mails
  • Newsletters
  • White papers 
  • Ghostwriting services
  • and much much more. 

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Manara Harwood

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Very professional, attentive, reasonably priced, and prompt.

Matthew Condliffe

Positive: Professionalism
I have worked with Bethany and I can attest to the quality of work that she does. A great resource for most anything written word and social media related. I will be using her services in the future.

Karen Atkins

Positive: Responsiveness
Excellent at receiving and responding to feedback and requests, provides insightful suggestions and recommendations, easy and supportive to work with.

Bill Watson

Positive: Professionalism
Easy to work with and very professional results!

Candice Stankus

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Bethany is a great writer who pays close attention to detail and getting the message right. From short form to long, Bethany can help your business with writing that works.