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In today’s crowded landscape, communicating clearly and effectively is more important than ever. How do you want to portray yourself or your business to the public? The Good Writing Company provides a number of professional writing, editing and marketing services that are designed to meet your needs. Our experience has helped numerous organizations reach their strategic goals. What are you waiting for? It’s time to look good in writing!


Do you have lots of ideas, but struggle with finding the right ways to express them? Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to put into research or writing. Allow The Good Writing Company to craft custom content to help your business grow.


No one wants messy or confusing website content or marketing materials. Clearly communicating your business message can help to increase customer engagement. We’ve got an eye for detail and we’ll make sure your copy comes out looking polished and professional.


Effective communication is vital in helping your organization grow. As a hard-working business owner, you may not have the time to devote to writing blogs, articles or social media posts. With my help, you can go back to what you do best; running your business.


About Me

At age 11, I wrote my first journal entry. Thankfully, that journal entry didn’t survive, but my love for writing did. Ever the optimist, I chose to study English Literature and Creative Writing at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. While there, I gained experience as a journalist and copy editor at Spectrum Magazine. I also worked as a contributor and editor for The Warren Literary Journal and took home the Savage poetry award. Over the years I’ve continued to hone my craft to include original fiction, personal essay, short story, and media criticism. As time went on, my desire to share my passion with the world only got stronger, eventually leading me to create The Good Writing Company. I am beyond thrilled to share my lifelong love of language with you.


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